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Treating Varroa with heat

Field trials have shown 95% death rate of all varroa offspring per cycle. This led to a significant improvement of 31% bee population development and an increased honey yield. More information on the field trials.

The Varroa mite has a lower temperature than honeybees. Varroa mites will die In a range between 39 and 42 °C ,while the bees and the bee brood survive unharmed.

In comparison to conventional heat treatment methods (e.g. Thermobox, Varroa Controller) the Vatorex treatments take place fully automated, directly in the colony. By treating each comb individually, we can precisely control the temperature without bee thermoregulation. With the heating wire inserted directly into the wax foundation, we heat the bee brood from the inside, like a «floor-heating for the bee brood».

Worker brood is treated

The worker brood is usually located in the centre of the brood comb. Our heating wire covers most of the brood. This is sufficient to keep the Varroa under control.

Drone brood not treated

It is important to us that all bees are protected from Varroa. However, heating up the drone brood would have a negative effect on the development of good sperm - and we need excellent drones to mate with our queens.

Scientific studies show that bees raised at elevated temperatures show better learning behaviour and are more effective in their communication. With the Vatorex system, the larvae only experience an increased temperature for a maximum of three hours. Therefore, we do not expect any negative or positive effects on breeding development. If you would like to know more about this topic, take a look at this article by biologist and bee-expert Jürgen Tautz.


Vatorex can be used with all hive systems, including personalized, customized and mixed apiaries. The following formats are already in use with our customers:

  • Bienenkiste (horizontal hives)

  • Dadant

  • Deutsch-Normal-Mass (DNM)

  • Langstroth

  • Zander

  • Schweizerkasten (Swiss Hive)

  • Spühler

Instructional videos can be found in the video library here.

Varroa Kit - Regular colonies
Colonies can be converted to the Varroa Kit in spring or midsummer after the honey harvest.

Varroa Kit - Swarms and nucs
Swarms and nucs can be converted directly to the Vatorex system anytime throughout the season.

Full Hive Kit
The monitoring tools of the Full Hive Kit can be installed anytime.

The comb module (electronics) and the comb rails can be recycled, the heating wire is replaced. To do this, the heating wire is cut (scissors), the screws are disconnected and the comb module is removed from the wooden frame. Subsequently, the comb can be cut out as usual or placed in the wax melter. After cleaning the comb module with ethanol, a new comb foundation with heating wire can be inserted into the frame and placed back in the colony.


Vatorex products can be purchased via the Vatorex website, or by contacting us directly. 

Vatorex currently ships to all EU and EFTA countries.

Shipping rates are:
9 EUR/CHF for posters and merchandise
35 EUR/CHF for Varroa Kits
49 EUR/CHF for Full Hive Kits

Local pick up in Winterthur can be arranged. To organize this, please contact Vatorex directly through the contact page.

Shipping takes between 3 to 5 working days after receiving all required information from you.

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