Hive Manager App

Experience the new and improved beekeeping management app 

After more than a year of research, development and customer inputs, we are proud to present the new and improved ‹Hive Manager› app for iOS and Android.  The ‹Hive Manager› app enables you to organize, record and compare all your hive data, with just a click. Available on iOS, Android and web.

  • Observe laying patterns, track swarming and all your colonies important events.

  • Record and monitor colony strength, brood development, queen presence and more.

  • Register honey harvests, feedings and treatments used.

Features include


Configure as many yards and colonies as you want  


Enter your inspection notes and add actions for specific interventions


Never miss something important. Get reminded with notifications. 


Native and web-app available


3 Day weather forecast


Available in various languages

Easy to use yet powerful, with ‹Hive Manager› you can organize, record and compare all your hive data with just a click.



  • Unlimited apiaries and hives
  • Unlimited actions and inspections
  • Queen information
  • Notes and reminders
  • Weather forecast 3 days


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