About us

      At Vatorex, our mission is to create a healthier and more sustainable world by supporting honey bees. 

      Our commitment

      Founded in 2016 by Pascal and Willi Brunner, Vatorex combines more than 50 years of beekeeping experience with an innovative outlook on the role of beekeeping in our natural world.

      At Vatorex, we understand that our actions have consequences and influences over our environment and community. Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we have defined the fields where we can create the most impact and generate the most value on a global scale. 

      View our UN SDG commitments here

      Meet the team

      Pascal Brunner

      CEO & Co-Founder
      MSc HMS ETH Zürich - Beekeeper
      «Entrepreneur, musician & sports lover. I want to be a superhero so I started saving bees.»

      Willi Brunner

      COO & Co-Founder
      Beekeeper since >50y
      Biology UZH & Exec. MBA HSG St. Gallen
      «From ideas to work, from notes to tune, from bees to honey – with nature to a better life.»

       Karol Pelzner

      Head of product
      Electrical Engineer

      «Engineer, perfectionist, technician. I like to know, not to believe. In my spare time, I like to bite the bits.»

      Jonathan Muñoz

      Firmware engineer
      Electronic engineer
      « I am thrilled to solve a serious problem with innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve a world in tune with bees, humans and nature. »

      Daniël Nobbe

      Data scientist
      Univ. of Wollongong - BA. Media and Communications- Marketing and Advertising
      « Nothing has the potential to change the world like an idea. »

      Joaquin Blanco

      Front end developer
      Computer Engineering UAGRM

      «I enjoy creating something out of nothing. Building projects from scratch.»

      Nick Belton


      «Passionate about sustainability and using data visualization to better understand how we fit in local and global ecosystems.»

      How it all came to life

      Willi, an experienced beekeeper, develops the idea of heat treatment from the inside of the combs.


      Pascal & Renato join and the project gets kicked off. First Vatorex field trials are conducted.


      Private and public investors join the company and market entry in the DACH region is achieved.

      Vatorex expands its product portfolio towards a beekeeping technology suite. We do have customers in 14 countries now.


      Vatorex receives 1.6 million € funding from the EU to foster collaboration with professional beekeepers. 


      Board of directors

      Company team

      Willi Brunner

      Chairman of the board

      Company team

      Anil Sethi

      Board member

      Company team

      Jean-Marc Dardier

      Board member


      Company team

      Paola Ghillani

      Innosuisse Headcoach


      Company team

      Christoph Heidelberger

      Innosuisse Guestcoach


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