Our chemical-free, anti varroa solution uses revolutionary heat treatment technology to kill varroa mites, while our weight and temperature monitoring system provide greater insight health and behaviour of your colonies. Through the «Hive Manager App», you can record and manage all important information about your colonies and access it 24/7.
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Varroa Kit

Our Varroa treatment fights the biggest threat to honeybee populations, the varroa mite, through methods that are chemical free and ongoing.We have developed an environmentally friendly and bee-friendly method to combat the Varroa mite by means of heat treatment (hyperthermia). This innovation represents a revolutionary breakthrough in Varroa mite control due to its reliability and side-effect free application.

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Full Hive Kit

Consisting of the ‹Varroa Kit›, the ‹Digital Hive Scale› and the ‹Brood Temperature Sensor›, this platform allows you to stay up to date with everything that is happening in your hives, and to make adjustments when needed.

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Hive Manager App

Forget all the hustle with the pen and paper! Our app enables you to organise all your hives and yards with one click.

Environmentally positive

Chemical free and organically friendly way to treat your bees and brood.

Better results

Repeated hear treatment cycles ensure long lasting reductions in varroa levels.

Complimentary technology

Integrates with, and adds to your existing practices (All hive types, non dependent on grid -power)

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