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What does the future of beekeeping actually look like? What are the big challenges facing beekeepers, and how can we solve them? At Vatorex, we spend a lot of time asking these questions. Our team has spent hundreds of collective hours working together with beekeepers to re-imagine how we can make the bee-life easier, and how an app can help. While the original Hive Manager app is great, we thought it could be even better. So that is what we did. There is of course a new, user friendly interface, but there are also a few more exciting things coming up.

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Please read the «Details, timeline and process» section at the end of the page to learn more about the update process.

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Meet the new Hive Manager web platform

The next generation of Hive Manager will enable users to log onto their account via mobile app, as well as a new web interface. While the mobile app is perfect for taking records in the field, the web platform is built specifically for office or home use. Until now, if you wanted to delve into your records, you would have to look through the reports on the app or export the files via pdf or excel. Not a simple process for more in-depth analysis, so we built a platform that makes your information easier to access, and more meaningful.

Doing things your way

Every beekeeper has their own way of doing things. With the new Hive Manager app, beekeepers can record and track the information that actually means something to them. The new Hive Manager app allows for much more specific information to be captured. While everyone needs to record colony growth and track feedings, when a beekeeper makes changes to their hives, like adding boxes, or re-arranging combs, the ‘generic’ records lose a lot of their meaning. With Hive Manager, more granular logs enable you to keep up with all the changes you make, and to see how those changes affect your colonies. And while you are at it, why not personalise your digital apiaries by changing the colours of your boxes, or by taking photos of your hives for easier reference? It is all possible.

Relevant data, made simple

It is not just important to see how your hives are doing now, but also how they are progressing over time. With the new Hive Manager app, beekeepers can see history and growth over time much more clearly, with more transparent record keeping and statistics. In the end, data is a valuable tool to help you make better choices and have more success as a beekeeper.

Better understand what is happening in your hives with visualisations

Icons and numbers are great for recording information easily, but when it comes to making sense of the information, they are not so great. This is where visualisations help. The new Hive Manager app enables you to better understand your records with clear and relevant data visualisations.

If you already use Hive Manager, no need to worry, as none of your data will be lost. By re-registering and downloading the new version from the Apple store or Google Play Store, all your records can be migrated to the new and improved Hive Manager app.

Details, timeline and process

Version 2.x onwards

First things first: the new versions of the Hive Manager mobile app will have version numbers 2.x. This way you can make sure you are on the right application.

Most smartphones have the 'auto update' function activated, which automatically syncs new versions of an app with your mobile as soon as they are published. However, it is also possible to update the app manually through your preferred app store.


iOS version: iOS 12.0 or above
Android version: Lollipop or above
Bluetooth: BLE 4.0
Permissions (optional): push notification, geo-location, NFC-scanning and others.


The new iOS version will be available from App store in May, with the Android app available in Google Play Store later on this year. Keep an eye on this space for updates.

The web version of the app will be released as closed beta together with the iOS app. As soon as the Android version is out, we will open registration for all users.

Data migration process

To cope with the additional data structure, we are migrating our servers and backend infrastructure. As we take privacy policy seriously, re-registering is necessary, even for user with an existing account. After registering, users with an old account (registered through Hive Manager versions <2.x) will be able to migrate all of their data to the new infrastructure. This allows for a more performant app and improved data analysis.

Should you have questions during this process, our team is on stand-by to help. In such case, please send us your inquiry including your username (registered email address) to

Download links

iOS: Download at App Store

Android: (V2.x available later in 2021)

Web: closed beta from May

Vatorex AG, Grant Morgan 23 March, 2021
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