New features for the Hive Manager app
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Here at Vatorex we are committed to developing features that make your beekeeping easier and more enjoyable. We spend a lot of time listening to our users’ feedback, and in our latest release we have added several highly sought after features, including Queen cards, Tasks and Logs.  Read on to learn more about these new features, or download the latest version and try them out for yourself.

Logs basics

Logs can now be added from the hive or apiary detail page.

Find your logs on the Logs Card at the bottom of the detail page.

Distinguish between actions on your hive and logs that record its progress.  Keep track of events and actions through the Logs Card.  Add logs such as treatments or varroa counts to your hives, so you have accurate records.

Get started by adding your first log from the Hive Detail menu.  Make a note or record your varroa management today.

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 Task Basics

Organize your hive by adding tasks that can be used for planning future visits.

Find your tasks on the new Task Tab located on the hive detail page.

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Keeping track of what exactly needs to be done at your apiary can be challenging. With the new Tasks feature, you can create tasks for each hive, and organize them by priority and due date, so you know exactly what you need to do next time.

Add tasks from the Hive Detail menu or form the new Tasks Tab so no job goes untracked.


Queen basics

Keep track of your current queens details from the Queen Card on the hive detail page.

Expand the card to find more details of the queen and her traits.


Knowing your queen can be vital for understanding your colony's development.  Add new queens and edit existing ones to keep up with her changes and developments over time.

Quickly see which hives are with or without queens, so you can be quick to action when raising or replacing queens.

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If you have any questions or comments on these features or any issues with the app in general then we would love to hear from you at

New features for the Hive Manager app
Vatorex AG, Pascal Brunner 30 September, 2021
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