Exclusive interview with the world’s first Bee-influencer

Meet «B.». «B.» is a so-called influencer and she decided to raise money in order to save the bees! B. is a true ambassador for the bees’ cause. She shares her daily life as a bee and as an influencer on her Instagram account. Her goals is to become famous and generate visibility around the disappearance of her kind.

Chilling at the beeach. Copyright 2019 @bee_nfluencer
Chilling at the beeach. Copyright 2019 @bee_nfluencer

So how do these pictures of B. in a pool, painting or doing yoga support the bees? Well, the more followers an influencer has, the more brands get interested in so-called paid partnerships (which are advertisments done by influencers for the particular brand). The revenue of these paid partnerships are donated to projects which support bee preservation. This can be big business, in only 5 months B. has raised 218K followers and has partnerships with brands such as Ricola and Airbnb!

B. is taking Instagram by storm, at the time of writing she has around 218K followers! Copyright 2019 @bee_nfluencer

B. and the people behind her has found some time in their busy schedule for an interview with us, read along if you want to find out more about this innovative project:

The interview with «B.»

Dear B., your photos and videos look really great, why do you do this project?

«Thanks! I want to become a famous influencer to raise money for the cause of bees. All the money I make will go to the Beefund, created by the Fondation de France to finance bee preservation.»

Can you explain why bees are so important for our planet?

«Without bees humans are nothing, we make much MUCH more then just honey. 75% of the world’s agricultural crops are pollinated by bees. We also pollinate the plants that make human’s medicines.»

Who is behind this account?

«The amazing humans of Fondation de France are helping me.»

Could you explain a bit more about Fondation de France?

«Fondation de France is a leading philanthropy network in France, which has been committed for 50 years to environmental and biodiversity issues. Fondation de France created the BEEFUND, a caritative fund supporting crucial initiatives dedicated to bees’ protection.

So, the Fondation de France and the BEEFUND launched B.’s account as a new innovative way to raise money on these important issues. The objective for B. is to recruit as many followers as possible, to raise brands’ interest. This way, brands will collaborate with her and generate ad revenues. The more followers @Bee_nfluencer has, the more money she raises to save the bees.

These revenues will be donated to the BEEFUND to save the bees.»

Will we be able to follow what becomes of the money you’ll earn thanks to this Instagram account?

«Yes! Thanks to first partnerships, BEEFUND announced the first initiative that will be supported. Called «Mayage» this project is led by an NGO in the south of France to bring out new practices that can be established and implemented by farmers and beekeepers to protect bees. A research approach that aims to bring together actors from two sectors that are sometimes in conflict.

More infos around the BEEFUND and its actions can be found on: https://beefund.fondationdefrance.org/indexEN.html#section-3»

Lastly, B. What is your biggest dream?

«To reach 1 million followers and save my sisters and brothers!»

Thanks a lot for your time, we wish you all the best with achieving your dream!

Interested in the adventures of B.? Follow her on Instagram!

More information on Fondation de France and BEEFUND.

Vatorex AG, Felix Poelsma 22 November, 2019
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